Access to education is a basic human right. Through it, people are enabled to develop their talents and skills to be able to contribute to society.

No government should deny this fundamental right to its citizens. To do so is against all legal, moral and  humanitarian. As a result, society as a whole suffers.

Yet in Iran today, the denial of higher education is a reality that many young people are forced to endure. They are barred from universities and institutions of higher learning because they have political views, social affiliations or religious convictions rejected by the Islamic Republic.

Student activists, women’s rights activists, human rights defenders, and members of religious and ethnic minorities are often excluded for their commitment to their beliefs.

The youth of Iran, denied access to education, urgently need our support. As members of a global community, it is our responsibility to ensure this right is respected. It is time to bring the unjust and oppressive practices of the government of the Islamic Republic to an end.